This post is all about cute DIY beer pong tables.

If you have been to a college party in the last 5 years you have seen a beer pong table or 2. Recently there has been an explosion of DIY hand painted beer pong tables.

These guys are really showing out! The detail on some of these tables is immaculate.

I have collected my favorite hand painted beer pong tables below.

Keep scrolling to find a detailed video of how you can create one of these masterpieces for your next rager!

This post shows you DIY beer pong tables.

1. Saturdays Are For The Girls

They sure are. This has to be my all time fave. It’s the cow print for me! I love how you can totally see the person’s personality throughout this table. It’s almost to cute to put beer on. ALMOST!

2. B.E.E.R.P.O.N.G

The symmetry though! This is one of the most satisfying tables I have seen. It’s giving me everything I need to get into the festivities.

3. A Few Shots Later…

Who doesn’t love a good Spongebob reference?! This one has a place for the cups to go on both ends. I love that. This is extremely artistic and unique.


This is giving me a mean girl scrapbook vibe and I’m here for it!

5. Champagne Diet

I’m a sucker for interesting prints so of course this caught my eye. It looks just like my old high notebook! Super cute!

6. Sip Sip Hooray!

This one really caught my attention! It has my favorite colors incorporated. You can tell the artist really took their time on this and it came out to be absolutely worth it!

7. White Claw Beer Pong

If White Claws are your drink of choice then I’ve found your next DIY project! This is super cute and personalized for a USC student. GO TRAVELERS!

8. Wish You Were Here

I feel like there has to be a hookah somewhere within 6ft of this table. This is a vibe.

9. A Little Party…

This table is super fun. The better the table the better the party!

10. I’d Tap That

Well you don’t have to wonder what will be in these cups. They are serving up all the spirits on this pong table. I’m here for it!

11. Babe Cave

Classy. Boujee. Ratchet! I love it! She’s a girly girl up top but ready to party on the bottom! You can’t go wrong with this one.

12. Rollin’ With The Homies

How adorable! You can never go wrong with pastels unless you’re wearing them in fall. If you know what movie the line “Rollin’ with the homies” became most popular leave it in the comments.

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DIY Painted Beer Pong Table

Did you get inspired? Learn how Dorothy Ann Lin created her custom beer pong table below.

What would be on your custom table? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

Things You Will Need To Create Your Own Beer Pong Table

This post was all about DIY beer pong tables and a video on how to create one.