The Boring 2020s *Yawn*

The 2020s may as well be named the era of “stay in the damn house.” It can get extremely boring looking at the same things over and over again. I was bored during the pandemic one day so I came up with a list of things to do when bored.

It absolutely sucked not being able to socialize and do normal activities we were doing before the whole Covid crisis began.

Sometimes you just want to find something else to do besides watching TikToks or scrolling IG.

Since we couldn’t get together with friends as often or be in large crowds, I composed a list of things you can do inside while isolated and practicing social distancing.

So here’s a list of 89 things you can do to keep busy when you’re bored. Some are productive and some are a bit silly. Have fun with it and stay sane!

This post is all about things to do when you are bored.

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Productive Things To Do

  • Clean out your closet

You will find out that you have so much stuff you forgot about in there. Go back down memory lane with old clothes. Then, bag them up and prepare to donate them to your local Goodwill.

  • Organize your makeup

Also throw that old makeup away! You don’t need foundation from 2017 Chloe! Yes, you Chloe! These makeup organizers will come in handy for this task.

  • Call your mom—Or any older relative you love and just talk to them for a while they will be so happy to hear from you. You’ll probably will make their day and create a memory you can cherish forever!
  • Change your apps around on your phone for easy access
  • Read the news from another country

It’s really interesting to see how other countries view the United States in the news. Here are two of my favorites to read below.

China Daily & The Telegraph

  • Create your dream resume
  • Budget your money
  • Sell used clothes on Poshmark
  • Learn 10 new words and definitions—commit to using them in conversation
  • Clean the bathroom behind the toilet
  • Delete some old emails
  • Clean your makeup brushes—You know they need it

Fun Things To Do When Bored

  • Answer personal quizzes
  • Re-read a book you love
  • Read a new book…READ THIS Motivational Books | 10 Books All College Students Need To Read Right Now
  • Look through an old phone’s text messages
  • Google search your name
  • Text your crush
  • Send a risky text and hide your phone until you’re ready to see the response
  • Bullet Journal
  • Order a mystery box from Amazon
  • Learn how to make mixed drinks
  • Learn all the words to your favorite rap song—perform it!
  • Document your every move
  • Facetime your best friend
  • Time how long you can go without looking at your phone

Make Money Things

Creative Things To Do When Bored

  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Discover a hidden talent
  • Write a poem
  • Browse new music
  • Make a playlist
  • Listen to a genre of music you never listened to before
  • Create a website
  • Create a meal with what you have in your kitchen
  • Try to come up with your own unique quote
  • Create a conspiracy theory

Self-Care Things To Do When Bored

  • Do a face mask

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Paint your nails
  • Try out a new hairstyle
  • Write a letter to 10 year old you
  • Take a bath use a bath bomb

Entertainment Things

  • Find the mistakes in a movie
  • Watch Netflix
  • Binge watch The Office
  • Watch a murder documentary
  • Watch a black and white movie
  • Listen to classical music

Feel Good Things

  • Decorate cards for sick children in the hospital—mail them to the nearest children’s hospital in your area
  • Create a bucket list
  • Eat something you thought was nasty 5 years ago—You may have different taste now
  • Search for a podcast about something that interest you
  • Find an old family photo album
  • Write a love letter to your crush
  • Write a letter to your ex—BURN IT!

Healthy Things/Physical & Mental

  • Do some warm up stretches
  • Print out a coloring page and color it
  • Take some vitamins
  • Write in your diary

Social Media Things To Do When Bored

  • Revamp your IG
  • Search Pinterest for simple snack recipes
  • Join a Facebook group and start a conversation
  • Tweet to your favorite celebrity
  • Look up your best friend from elementary school on Facebook if you haven’t seen them in forever
  • Create boards on Pinterest
  • Stalk your coworkers on Facebook

Planning Things

  • Plan the perfect date

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  • Plan your graduation party
  • Create the perfect outfits in your closet and put them together
  • Plan your wedding down to every detail
  • Create your dream trip itinerary
  • Plan a birthday party

So what do you do when you’re bored? Did you try anything on this list? Help a sister out! Leave a comment down below.


Updated 3/22/2022

This post was all about things to do when bored.