This post is all about cleaning supplies how to stay clean for college.

If you have been anywhere on the planet this year you know about the viral illness known as the Coronavirus. It’s honestly creepy to think there is a flu-like super virus plaguing the earth! Hoard all the cleaning supplies!

So now is the best time to disinfect and let the cleaning bug that lives within you fly free. Too much? Okay lol

Don’t run out and hoard all the toilet paper. What the hell was that even about?

It’s best to be informed and cautious. By no means am I a doctor or capable of giving you any type of medical advice. I’m just a girl trying to save the world.

But I honestly recommend that if you feel sick you should get in contact with your primary physician and be screened so that a medical professional can assess your symptoms and give you the proper directions as to where to go to get treatment.

Virtual Doctor’s Visits

Lots of doctor’s offices and clinics are providing telehealth services so you can make a virtual doctor’s appointment and be screened over the phone. It is very convenient, and it keeps you from having to sit in a waiting area at an office with other sick patients.

I have used the virtual doctor’s visit a month ago because of course I got an ear infection during a pandemic and my regular doctor was not available. It was an extremely helpful experience and I will probably be using it from now on for things that are less serious.

Moreover, it’s always better to be safe and knowledgeable about your health.

So if you’re not sick and not trying to get sick anytime soon let’s get into some tips to keep you safe and free from Coronavirus!

This posts shows you all the essential cleaning supplies you need for college.

Basic Essential Cleaning Supplies

Here are the top basic essential cleaning supplies you need to keep you, your roommate, and your family Coronavirus free:

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1. Hand Soap

hand soap cleaning supplies

This should be a no-brainer because of course hand soap, but I’ll repeat it for the people in the back! WASH THOSE HANDS PEOPLE!

You don’t realize how much stuff you touch on a daily basis. Your phone, your books, and that Starbucks cup have germs. All those germs live on your hands until you wash them.

I also never realized how much I touch my face until I became cautious of it during this pandemic.

The most effective way to way your hands is wetting them first with warm water then applying the soap. I know for a long time as a kid I was so eager to pump the soap and that I would do that first.

Wet your hands, then add soap. Create a soapy lather and get in between those fingers.

Also scrub around your fingertips because you probably pressed that elevator button earlier without even thinking about it.

Wash your hands for 30 seconds at least. I know the general rule is 20 seconds but during a pandemic I don’t think 30 seconds would hurt.

That’s long enough to sing the chorus to your favorite song. So, sing it and wash those hands. Sing it twice!

Then, rinse your hands completely clean and dry with a paper towel. Be sure to use the paper towel to turn the water off after you use it to dry to avoid cross contaminating the paper towel.

Throw away the paper towel and you have just washed your hands thoroughly.

2. Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol-Cleaning Supplies?

College student using hand sanitizer

Make sure you’ve got the good stuff! Good ole sanitizer. I am a hand sanitizing junkie. This technically wouldn’t go under cleaning supplies but it is necessary for staying clean in college.

I work at a plant where there are lots of chemicals so I’m constantly washing my hands anyway, but the hand sanitizer is my clutch because I can carry it around with me!

You can carry yours around with you on your backpack or in your pocket. Remember, if you use the sanitizer 5 times then it’s time to wash your hands with soap and water.

Hand sanitizer does not replace soap and water! So, don’t think that you can only use sanitizer and not wash you hands. That is not okay!

I recommend getting a really big gallon of sanitizer and filling up small travel size bottles so you’ll always have some available in case there is a shortage in the stores around you.

3. Disinfecting Wipes

College student using disinfectant wipes

Any brand of disinfectant wipes will do. I prefer Lysol because I have used them all my life. However, there are many different brands you could use it just depends on where you buy your cleaning supplies.

Wipe down common areas before you have a seat. If you don’t know who sat there before you wipe it down! If you do know who sat there before you wipe down anyway sis!

Also, make sure you get the mouse pad, mouse, and keyboard at the library and computer lab. Wipe down the knobs on the faucet and the flush handle on the toilet.

The most common things we touch everyday are the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

4. Bleach

College student using bleach to clean

Bleach will kill it. I know there are other brands of bleach, but I don’t believe in any of them. I only use Clorox bleach.

There is nothing like the smell of bleach disinfecting everything around you.

However, there are some precautions you should take before you add bleach to your list of cleaning supplies.

Don’t wear anything you don’t want to mess up. Bleach does splatter and if it touches color clothes it will ruin them.

Do not overuse bleach. Bleach is a strong disinfectant and you don’t need a lot to get the job done.

A lot of bleach needs to be diluted in water. So, don’t use straight bleach to sanitize surfaces add water as directed on the packaging.

DO NOT mix bleach with other chemicals! You can create gases that can knock you out or worse. Please pay attention to what you are using with bleach.

Always tell other people in the room or apartment know when you plan on using bleach before you do some people can’t tolerate the smell of bleach.

5. Disinfecting Spray

College student spraying disinfectant spray

Spray away. They have the small personal sprays for a reason. Put it in your backpack and spray your desk before class. Those of you that are still in school on campus.

Also make sure you have something to wipe it down with. You don’t want to sit in a wet desk.

6. Gloves

College students cleaning up with gloves

You don’t need a hazmat suit, but a pair of gloves won’t hurt when you’re dealing with things a lot of different people will be touching like elevator buttons in your apartment building.

Remember gloves are for doing one tasks at a time. When you are done you need to throw the gloves away. Do not wear gloves all day. You will be spreading germs everywhere.

7. Water-H20

College student using water to clean

H2O! You can’t live without it. Again, I cannot stress this enough…WASH YOUR HANDS!! Don’t forget to dilute your bleach.

It’s up to each one of us to slow down the spread of this virus and we can all start by doing something we are supposed to be doing anyway and that’s BE CLEAN!

If you feel like you need any more tips, go to the CDC website to stay up to date with any and all updates regarding the Coronavirus.

In Addition to Cleaning Supplies:

Here are a few basic tips and suggestions to get you started.

  • Refrain from going into large crowed areas.
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Be knowledgeable about what’s going on and don’t feed into the hype.
  • Remain calm the world is not ending the virus is just new and the world is trying to adjust.
  • Don’t touch your face

What’s your go to cleaning product? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

This post was all about essential cleaning supplies how to stay clean in college.