So you’ve been blogging for a while, and you’re running out of steam. Blogger burnout is real. I know the feelings, sis. Setting some realistic blogging goals will help solve the issue.

Goal setting is essential to having a successful blog. Blogging isn’t something you can do off the cuff unless it’s a hobby or personal blog that you aren’t planning to turn into a business.

When done right, having goals to reach will keep you highly motivated and organized.

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REALISTIC Blogging Goals

I’m emphasizing the word REALISTIC. Thinking you’re going to start a blog tomorrow and be a millionaire by next month is not realistic. I wish it were! 

Setting so far goals out of reach will lead you to believe you aren’t making any progress. 

No progress leads to quitting, and we don’t want that. 

A realistic goal would be to make $10 from affiliate marketing this month. Even though you don’t have complete control over getting people to buy things from your website, making $10 your first-month blogging is more realistic than $100.

By no means does this mean making $100 your first month blogging is impossible it’s just not the norm.

Another example of a realistic goal would be writing 3 blog posts for the month. You can always write more than 3 but let your plan be doable for your schedule. With this goal, you will have total control over the outcome.

Setting goals that you really can reach will keep you motivated and excited about blogging.

Celebrate all your milestones, no matter how small.

I celebrated when I made my first 7 cents from Amazon. Yes, girl, $0.07! It was 7 cents more than what I had, so I was grateful. 

Treat every small victory as a major one.

Let’s get into how to set these realistic blogging goals.

Break It Down

Break down your to-do list into small pieces and then break it down again. 

Each step of the way is a goal. You will have a million things to do when you first start blogging.

Thinking of a niche, headlines, blog posts, SEO, domains, social media…the list never ends.

However, when you break up all the to-do list items into bite-size pieces, you will find that each step along the way is a victory worth celebrating!


Once you have it all broken down, arrange the items into a priority list. Start with the most important things first. 

Different bloggers will give you other things that they feel should come first, but I’m going to say you should brain dump all your ideas. Write them all down and select the best ones, FYI. 

The most important things will go first, and then break them down so you can see the progress as you go.

When Your Blogging Goals Are Met

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Goal Setting Time

Now that you have all the things you need to do planned out by priority set a goal for these items, no matter how small.

If your first order of business is to get a domain name, set a deadline date that you will have picked out and purchased your domain name.

Once you do that, check it off the list and move on to the next item. 

Blogging Goals Set!

If you’re planning to monetize your blog, then set a goal on how many affiliate links you will place within each blog post. As we discussed earlier, that will set you up to make your next goal of $10 for the month.

Creating goals will help you stay on the trailhead and narrow. It’s not easy running a business by yourself. Sometimes your goals are the only motivation you have to get that blog post up. 

What are some of your blogging goals this year? Let me know in the comments!