Coming up with date night ideas every week can be a task! However, date night is an essential part of a healthy relationship. 

Unfortunately, when you’re in college and strapped for cash, it’s hard to find cheap date night ideas that still allow you to have fun. 

Date night is one of the best ways to reconnect and spend quality time with your significant other. 

You get to connect on a deeper level than just those phone calls and texts during the day on a date. 

Here are some ideas for college students looking for a fun, inexpensive way to spend their next date night!

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Mini Golf

cheap date ideas

Mini golf is an oldie-but-goodie when it comes to dating because it’s cheap and requires no skill (unless you’re really bad at mini-golf). 

You can pick up a mini-golf date for as little as about $20 total, which is excellent for most college students on a budget.

Plus, it’s something you and your significant other have probably never done together before, so that will make the experience even more fun!

Drive-In Movie Theatre

This idea might seem outdated, but they’re still around, and they still make for a great date night. 

Drive-in movie theaters are unique because there aren’t many of them left in the United States, and once you’ve gone to one, it can be hard to go back to sitting in a typical movie theater. 

Movies at drive-in theaters are usually about $3-$6 per person (depending on the location).

Go to a free museum day in your area 

If you’re anywhere near a bigger city, chances are there’s a free museum day coming up soon. 

For example, the Smithsonian has a free museum day every year on the first Friday of September. 

A quick Google search will help you find a free museum day in your area. 

Cuddle Up On The Couch And Watch An Old Classic Together

cheap date ideas

There’s nothing better for a date night than cuddling up on the couch with your significant other and watching an old classic movie together. 

You can rent old movies from the library, find them on YouTube, or get digital copies from Amazon to stream through your television services. 

This only costs about $4-$12 per movie rental, so you can have a date night for about $30.

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Go Dancing Or Out To A Club (This One Is Splurge-Worthy)

Going dancing or out to a club is one of the pricier ways to spend your date night, but it’s also fun and memorable. 

If you’re going to go this route, make sure you’ve planned ahead, so you aren’t stuck spending $40 on drinks because neither of you thought to bring cash or a credit card! 

Going out will also be more fun if your significant other knows how to dance.

Dinner And A Movie

cheap date ideas

Dinner and a movie are some of those classic dates you can never go wrong.

You both get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of each other while eating delicious food and watching your favorite movie without all the yelling over people who talk through it. 

Some places will even let you order food to-go and take it into the movie theater.

Make Dinner And Have A Picnic

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, throw a romantic picnic dinner together for your next date night! 

You’ll feel like you’ve escaped reality as you cuddle with each other under blankets in the middle of a field. 

To make this a cheaper date, bring your own food (you could even cook it yourself if you’re feeling ambitious) and purchase inexpensive decorations for the picnic to spruce up your spot.

Spend the evening painting together or watching paint dry (if you’re into that). 

Grab some cheap paints and cheap canvases and start to work! It’s a reasonable date night idea that is also really enjoyable.

Cook a Meal Together and Share What You Learned (Bonus Points for Cooking Something New)

Find cheap ingredients at the grocery store, pick out a recipe you want to try from Pinterest or Google, and start cooking! 

You’ll learn something new about your partner if they’re not naturally an excellent cook (and maybe even have fun!) 

Bake Cookies Together

cheap date ideas

Bake some cookies together at home with your own mix of fun ingredients! You could make them healthy, sugar-free, or just a mixture of all the things you love.

Do Something Crafty Together

You could take cheap art classes at a local store, go to the cheap art supply store and pick up some inexpensive supplies, get cheap paper and sketchbooks, and find some pictures on Pinterest you want to try recreating.

Go On Adventure Together

You could go cheap on your adventure date night and go camping outside in the cheap dirt with cheap drinks. 

Or you can spend a little more on your cheap adventure date night and travel cheap to another country, or even to another state!”

Have A Wine and Cheese Party

This cheap date night idea is perfect for a cold winter night. Invite over a few of your closest friends and grab cheap wine and cheap cheese from the grocery store. 

cheap date ideas

Do you have any other cheap date night ideas? Please share them below! Let’s get the conversation started about how we can cheap date night no matter what our budget is! 

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