A college binder is a necessity in college. You will get more papers in college than you know what to do with even when things are virtual.

You will still end up with papers that you have no clue as to where to put them.

Financial aid papers, loan documents, orientation papers, papers about other papers, and so on. Most of which could have been an email but I digress.

You’re going to need something to keep these papers in and keep them neat over time. Why not make a cute binder to keep them safe in.

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Pick A Good College Binder

Now the binder type is up to you.

I recommend a binder that zips so that you can put a lot of important papers in it without fear of them slipping out. Also, a binder that is distinctive. So that you don’t pick it up on accident and have nothing you need for Anatomy.

This post is all about what you should keep in you college binder.

Let’s get into what you should keep in your college binder.

Loan Documents

Anything your school business and finance department gives to you KEEP UP WITH IT. Don’t always rely on them following up with the documents in an email.

You’re going to need to go over those documents when it’s time to start paying that money back.

Post Graduation Plans

If you are planning to join the military, go to med school, law school or any form of graduate school keep all your plans in one space.

As you weed out different schools or opportunities you can easily remove them from the binder.

As you go along these next few years you will see recruiters come to campus from other schools, the Marine Corp, Army, and many more.

If you are interested in any of these keep up with the information they provide you in your college binder.

College Binder: Goals Page

college binder goal page

Your goals will change with time. It’s life. You go to school prepared to do one thing and you completely shock yourself when you find out that isn’t really what you want to do.

Write down your goals as you make them for your education and at the end of 4 long trying years see how much they change.

It may not be a full 360 like I did but it will be a cool keepsake to have on graduation day.

Your Degree Progress

There is a printer somewhere that is glad I graduated because I can’t tell you how many times I printed off my degree tracker because I kept losing it.

Keep your degree progress in your college binder and mark off the classes as you take them as well as the letter grade you received in the class.

This will make things so much each easier every semester when you create your schedule. It will all be laid out for you in your binder and you will be able to easily see if you need to retake a class to get a higher grade.

Also, what classes you need to take next to stay on track for graduation.

Do you have a college binder? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

This post was all about what you should keep in your college binder.