This post is all about college essentials you will need.

This is a compiled list of all my college essentials for a college student. If I had to do undergrad all over again, I would buy these same products because they are clutch af! I’ll be adding to this list as I use things and fall in love with them.

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College Essentials for Class

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This post shows you all the college essentials you need for class.


There’s no doubt in my mind that I would have fallen entirely behind if I didn’t utilize my planners. I am a very visual person, and I like to see everything I have to do written down neatly in one space. It makes me feel more organized and adult-like when my planner is full of to-dos. So having a planner is definitely one of my college essentials.

The best planners to me are the Day Designer & the Erin Condren Academic Planner. I couldn’t choose! They both came in handy for me when I needed them most!

They are both higher-end planners, but they are so worth it when it comes to planning out projects and keeping up with things. Totally worth the investment.

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Bebamour Backpack

I’m not a flashy person so having a name brand backpack isn’t essential to me. Also, I’m not paying hundreds of dollars on a backpack, either. I found this backpack for under $40, and I fell head over heels in love. There is so much room for all your essentials. Your laptop, water bottle, iPad, notebook, and so much more will fit in here with ease, and it’s hella cute.

Sticky Notes

You can’t have a college essentials list without sticky notes. My textbooks are filled with sticky notes.

I leave myself notes within my pages all the time, so I can remember to ask questions in class. They make transparent sticky notes that you can put right over the text to write in your book without actually writing in your book.

Index Cards

If you’re a visual learner like me, you will make flashcards to learn and retain information faster. I use these flashcards because I like to color coordinate them. You can very well use the all-white ones if you want.

College Essentials for You

A Robe

You need a robe, girl. There are days that robe will be your best friend. Even if you’re not taking a shower. It’s something so satisfying about coming home and slipping into your robe and slippers. This one is less than $20.


You don’t want to walk barefoot down a dorm hall. That’s just not sanitary at all. Get some cute slippers to wear with your robe. I am in love with these pink fuzzy slippers from Amazon! They are super comfy I have them in 3 different colors! Obsessed!

Also my UGG slippers are the coziest. They are a bit on the pricey side but they are totally worth every penny. I would buy them again 10x over! You’d be surprised just how essential slippers are in college.

Air Pods

Airpods are probably the most expensive thing on this list. However, they are the most clutch thing on this list.

You are able to listen to your lectures in your room without disturbing your roommate.

Listen to music as you work out or walk to class. My Airpods keep me sane. Even if you don’t get Airpods, headphones should be at the top of your college essentials list.

College Essentials For Dorm

XL Twin Mattress Pad

You have to have one of these in order to sleep in a dorm room bed, and that’s just period.

Dorm mattresses are uncomfortable and, in some cases, a bit worn out. Adding this mattress pad though, will change the whole feel of your dorm to a comfy hangout spot.

Air Fryer

I don’t know if every school allows air fryers or not. If your school does, it can change your life. Did you know you could make pancakes in this thing? Well, you can! Often, I felt the most homesick because I wasn’t able to cook my own meals the way I like to cook them at home. This air fryer, though! I am able to cook everything the way I want it.

A Small Vacuum

You may not realize it now, but you are a mess. When you don’t have a vacuum available, you will see how much you actually need one. You don’t need a fancy one that costs hundreds of dollars, but this one will do and it’s less than $30. Everyone on your hall will want to use it.


If you are a coffee lover like me. You are going to need a Keurig in your life. Starbucks gets expensive throughout the week. You can substitute some of those days with your Keurig made coffee.

College Essentials Websites/Apps

Amazon Prime

I don’t know how I would have survived without Amazon Prime. I was over 200 miles from home, and I needed to be able to get things fast. Amazon Prime delivered every time! Not to mention it comes with a full-blown streaming service! All the movies and music you could ask for.

Rent or Buy Textbooks at

I will never buy another book from an on-campus bookstore again. Ecampus is a website that allows you to buy, rent, and sell your textbooks all in one place for affordable prices. They also have ebooks, so you don’t have to actually carry around those giant books to class. They’re awesome.


Grammarly Logo

Where would I be without my Grammarly? Not only is Grammarly great for editing your papers, but it also helps you get your point across clearly while engaging your readers. Grammarly is literally like having an English professor in your laptop at all times, telling you how to improve your paper before turning it in.

Essentials For My Blog


I use HostGator for my hosting, and I love them! They are extremely user friendly. When I first started my blog, I only knew the basics of the basics about hosting, so I wanted a host that I would be able to navigate without becoming a computer engineering major by accident.

I love how easy their control panel is to use. Host Gator also has very helpful detailed instructions on how to use every single element they offer. I recommend them to any first-time bloggers with a small budget.


Hire Freelancers

As I said, I didn’t have much experience with creating a website or managing one. So I used a knowledgeable person from Fiverr to help me set up some of the back end things on my website. Fiverr came in clutch for me because I would probably still be trying to figure out how to fix it.

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This post was all about college essentials you need for college classes.