If you have googled how to pick a college major lately you’re probably even more confused than you already were.

If you’re like most students, you probably have no idea what your college major should be. You might not even know where to start! But don’t worry—you can figure it out with these three easy steps.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time thinking about college or if you already have some ideas of what interests you the most, we promise that these tips will help guide your decision-making process and make sure that when graduation comes around, you are ready for whatever life has in store for you.

There are so many articles that are providing personality tests and quizzes to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Here we’re going to give you the steps to picking a college major you’re going to love and do exceptionally well in because you already love it. No more college major confusion!

What would be better than having a career tailored to the things you are extremely passionate about?


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Step 1: Discover Your Passion

What’s one thing you could talk about for hours? Your Passion.

The first thing that popped in your head when you read this question is most likely the answer.

No matter if it was something you think is silly. Everything has to be made and there are people who design, build, and create that thing.

Now take that one thing, and ask yourself these next two questions.

What is something you are passionate about? The Details.

You probably couldn’t name every single part in your passion because there are just so many! If this doesn’t lead to you wanting to know everything about it then keep looking for it in your answers.

What is something you are passionate about? The Future.

This one was more open-ended than the first two, but it really gets your brain working to think past what exists in this present moment and into how profound your passion could be in the future.

Maybe it’s not always there, maybe society didn’t always support it but now they do.

Once you’re done with these three questions (and spend some time thinking about them) then look back on what you wrote down. There should be some commonalities between all of them like the details and the future. These are the things that make your passion special, unique, and different.

For example, we’ll use my first thought which was Starbucks. Starbucks is my favorite place other than my house.

Step 2: Decide What Type Of People Work in The Field

This is one of the biggest things you need to figure out before picking a college major.

What kind of people are interested in your passion? Are they artists or builders? Are they problem solvers or creators? Take the list you made about who works with this thing, cross off any titles that don’t apply to you.

If you are still left with several titles then it is probably too broad. This step is all about narrowing down what your major should be so that the type of people you’ll work with everyday fits YOU.

Step 3: What Type of Majors Would Best Support Me?

There clearly is no majoring in Starbucks. However, there are so many aspects of their business that do have majors.

Such as:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Agricultural and Food Products Processing (Growing Coffee Beans)
  • Chemical Engineering (Brewing of Coffee)
  • Human Resource Management

Pick whatever aspect of business you have found surrounding the thing you love and are most passionate about.

Since we know all the different things that go into this one thing, it’s time to narrow this down. What is right for you?

Step 4: Now Match Your College Major to A Career!

This is the easy part. Look at the list of majors you have narrowed down and find a job that starts with one of the titles.

If you find a great career match, then congrats! You can stop trying to figure out a college major because you found yours. If not, look at another career that has a different list of their top jobs and see if there is anything on your list again.

By this point your passion should be almost figured out.

Step 5: What field would I go into to become someone that is an expert in this field?

I’m going to choose marketing because I love how Starbucks designs their cups for the holidays and all the marketing techniques they use to get me there everyday of my life.

Majoring in marketing would teach me why Starbucks uses certain colors when advertising. I would learn the best way to market to their demographic and so much more.

The best part is that marketing branches off into so many different things. And most likely you’ll find the thing you love in there somewhere.

Once you start to narrow down your passion, figure out what path or paths would allow you to study this! It doesn’t have to be marketing but it could be something related like Public Relations.

As you narrow down things, keep writing them down so you have a list to reference back to.

Now, if you have more than one thing you are passionate about that’s okay too. Follow these steps for each one and write down the major that they lead you to.

If the majors are similar or the same then you know where you belong.

If they are totally different explore them all. Write down the courses it would take to complete a degree in both majors and decide which path you would rather take.

It won’t be an overnight decision so give yourself some time and work through it.

Reach out to someone already majoring in the majors you’ve come up with and get their experiences.

No personality test needed. Wasn’t that simple!?

Bonus Step: Which Colleges Will I Be Able to Attend With My College Major?

Do your research on the schools that offer these majors, then pick one!

FAQ About Choosing A College Major:

What should you consider when choosing a college major?

Experience within the major, whether you would like to do the work everyday, and what kind of skills it brings.

  • What your passions are
  • How long you want to stay in school
  • What you want to do once you graduate
  • How this major will help you accomplish your long term goals

What are the most useful majors in college?

The most useful majors in college are those that educate you about the world and prepare you for a future career. With the wide range of job opportunities now available, it might be hard to choose one, but there can’t be any harm in choosing a major that will keep your options open. Here are just some of the possible careers that schools often offer as many majors as they can so their graduates can figure out what they want to do:

-Market research analysts 

-Purchasing managers 


-Customer service personnel 

-Sales Representatives 

How many majors are there in college?

MyMajors is an excellent resource where students can find out all about different majors offered at colleges across the country – no personality test required!

In addition to giving information on degrees awarded, this website also has detailed descriptions of each major’s curriculum so potential applicants will know exactly what skills they’ll be learning through their coursework.

What’s the difference between a double major and a dual degree?

Some schools may offer several majors to students that can be completed in less than four years. When this occurs, students might choose to complete both degrees instead of one single degree with two concentrations. The difference is that completing a single major would give you more focus as opposed to the double degree.

How many minors are there in college?

Minors aren’t as common as majors but they do exist. These special areas of concentration only take one or two years and can be incorporated into completing a major or used to complement it.  

Some schools don’t offer many minors, so students might just declare one major instead of having to pick between too many.

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