The holidays are a time for gathering with friends and family. There are lots of fun activities to do together, including games! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about Friendsgiving Games. Here are some ideas that will be perfect for any holiday party.


Family Friendly Friendsgiving Games

Musical Chairs

musical chairs at friendsgiving games

Musical Chairs is a fun game to play with your friends and family for Friendsgiving. After every round of music, one chair will be removed.

The game ends after there is only one chair and two people walking around it. Once the last person gets the seat, they are the winner! You can change the number of players by changing the number of chairs.


Uno is an easy game to play with friends and family during Friendsgiving. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards first.

This can be done by matching colors or numbers, drawing a new card if it’s your turn, or using action cards that will make you skip other players’ turns. The first person without any cards left wins!

Jenga | Friendsgiving Games

The goal of Jenga is to pull out blocks without making the tower fall. You have to be very careful when pulling because anything could happen next once you take one block out!

Budget Friendly Version:


Monopoly is an exciting board game for families with friends during the Friendsgiving season. You’ll all be racing around the board to get as many properties and money as you can. This game can get serious quickly.


The goal of your Twister game is not to fall while standing on the color-coordinated mat. Players are given colors but must put limbs in different places without falling over. The last player left standing wins the game! If anyone falls, then they’re out until a new game begins.

Candy Land | Friendsgiving Games

This fun Friendsgiving game requires everyone playing to race towards victory by reaching King Kandy first. This is done by following directions like going forward two spaces if you land on pink star candy space or staying where you are and spinning again if you land on a black licorice square.


Clue is a mystery game where you have to figure out who did it, with what weapon, and in which room. You can do this by moving around the board, trying to find clues that will help solve your mystery.


This game requires everyone playing to guess words without using certain key points of speech like “yes,” “no,” or any other part of speech similar to listed on cards. The first person who gets rid of all their cards wins!

Family Feud

Family Feud is a fun game where you can get to know your family and friends really well because you never know what people think! It’s also extra funny when someone pretends to act like Steve Harvey when asking the questions!

Fun Drinking Friendsgiving Game Ideas

You won’t be able to participate in these Friendsgiving games unless you’re 21 and over. So if you’re not old enough, then scroll on past this part or save these ideas until you’re old enough!

King’s Cup | Friendsgiving Games

King’s Cup is a party game where everyone playing drinks whenever they land on cards that show the King. There are also wild cards!

Flip Cup

This drinking game requires you to take your shot and flip your red solo Cup upright while racing against friends or family members. The first person who finishes their drink wins

Do or Drink

In this game, you’ll have to do a task if the card tells you or drink! There are all kinds of crazy tasks and some drinks that will get everyone laughing.

Beer Pong | Friendsgiving Games

This fun drinking game is played by throwing balls into cups full of beer on either side of a long table while trying not to spill any beers. Whoever loses ends up drinking a lot!

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk is another fun drinking game you can play with friends and family during Friendsgiving. All of the cards will tell you to drink different shots!

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game that requires everyone to cough up their deepest, darkest secrets because you never know who has done what!

Friendsgiving games are so much fun because it’s an opportunity for families and friends to spend time together during the holiday season having fun games while creating memories that last forever.

These Thanksgiving games aren’t just limited to Thanksgiving, though; they’re great at Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties, and even family reunions!

This post was all about the best Friendsgiving games to play with your friends and family this year!