This post is all about the best Friendsgiving ideas.

Searching for Friendsgiving ideas? I got you sis. No one wants to have the lame Friendsgiving party where everyone is on their phones all evening telling people how they could be taking a nap instead.

Don’t be that girl, sis. I’m about to give you everything you need to throw the best Friendsgiving party your friends have ever seen.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is the wind down before going back to school into the final weeks of the semester. Which means tests are coming up. Projects are coming due. Your G.P.A. is becoming solidified as we speak.

Enough of that! For a few days, you get to eat food, see friends, and alleviate school stress for a moment.

So why not throw the best Friendsgiving party ever shall we.


This post shows you all the best Friendsgiving ideas.

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Friendsgiving Invitations

You’ve got to make people feel like they are super important. That’s ‘the thing’ right now, everybody is a celebrity.

So, invitations make people feel like they’re on a secret list. Make sure you make them as personable as possible. Maybe add their name or a handwritten note.

If you’re sending invites by email, be sure to add a cute message to let them know you are personally inviting them to join you.

Photo Booth

Life is a photoshoot. Giving people a good backdrop and props get the fun going.

Encourage your guests to take selfies and group pictures for their social media using your backdrop and props. The night might get wild, so you want to have proof you were there!

If you didn’t take a picture, did it really even happen?

Make A Good Playlist

The best part about this suggestion is there are so many good playlists out there to choose from.

Choose one that has something for everyone. You don’t want to play only one music genre when you have a variety of guests over. Get the party going with upbeat hits.

Don’t play a full-blown Christmas set either!

Maybe I’m the grinch, but I absolutely hate going to a Friendsgiving party and hear all Christmas songs.

Please, I’m begging you, don’t do this. A few Christmas songs are cool but not the Mariah Carey deluxe Christmas album double-disc, sis! Put it away. Its time is coming soon.

Friendsgiving Ideas: Decorations

Decorate for your life!

You don’t have to go overboard and spend hundreds of dollars decorating but at least put forth a little effort.

There are so many cute décor items you can get from the Dollar Tree, Amazon, and Wal-Mart that won’t break the bank.

Friendsgiving Ideas: Good Food

You can have the most beautiful decorations, fun games, and lit music in the world. But if you’re food isn’t on point, you may as well throw the whole Friendsgiving away.

If you are not the best at cooking, it’s okay. Make it a potluck.

On your invitation, let everyone know that they should R.S.V.P. by letting you know what dish they will be bringing.

You’ll save time, money and you won’t have to worry about people saying your food was trash.

Did you know you could order a fully cooked turkey from Amazon? I saw that and was shook.

Here are a few good food ideas for your Friendsgiving. Check them out.

Buffet Style

Friendsgiving ideas for buffet setup
Image: Pinterest

Get some food warmer trays and set your food up buffet style.

It’s easy and straightforward. Have plates and utensils on one end and hand sanitizer and disposable masks for anyone who doesn’t have one. You know, CORONAVIRUS *Cardi B voice*

Let your guests go down the line, grab their food, and be seated. This is the simple way to get everyone fed without having to pass dishes around the table.

Friendsgiving Games

Friendsgiving ideas games

I love playing games during the holidays. Friendsgiving is fun when you and your squad play games together.

Pick exciting games, and everyone can join. A good game of Monopoly always got the party started for me.

One game I’ve seen a lot of people playing at get-togethers is giant Jenga. Watch your friends quiver with the fear of knocking the whole tower over.

Checkout this full list of Friendsgiving games to make your party the best ever!

Signature Friendsgiving Drink

Yes, please. If you’re over 21, continue reading. If you’re not over 21, keep reading, but don’t tell anybody and don’t drink. Okay? Okay!

Make a signature cocktail for the evening. You can name it ‘Friendsgiving Punch’ or ‘Turkey Wasted’…whatever you come up with, make it fun.

Serve that drink to your guests, so when they tell the story of how they woke up in a pile of cranberry sauce, they’ll always remember your drink and party.

This post was all about fun, Friendsgiving ideas for your friends.

Updated 11/1/21