Friendsgiving shirts season is getting closer and closer. The air is starting to feel real pumpkin spice-ish. The retails stores are laying out the maple leaf decorations. It’s Fall Y’all.

This post is all about trendy Friendsgiving shirts.

With everything that has been going on lately, it’s more than time for us to unwind a bit with some people we actually want to be around.

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What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is the wind-down you have with your friends before or after being forced to sit down with your family.

You’re about to endure all the questions about what you plan to do with that degree.

You know its coming.

Squad Goals!

This year it’s time to step it up. Since we’ve had such a rocky year, we deserve to be extra festive this holiday season!

Pumpkin Please

Pumpkin Please

Bring on the pumpkins! I’m so ready to burn these pumpkin spice candles that I didn’t get to burn last year. Keep it simple yet festive with this beautiful mustard yellow shirt. Who else is ready for pumpkin everything? Let me know in the comments.


Friendsgiving Shirt

Can’t go wrong when you have a turkey on your shirt during the Thanksgiving holiday season. You are definitely in the spirit my friend. And I know you binged watched friends. I know you did!

Nothing Like Friendsgiving Shirts with the Bestie


We’re best friends right? Let’s match our Friendsgiving shirts! These shirts give you just enough matchy matchy without being weird af.

Simply Thankful

Simply Thankful

Nothing like simply being grateful for you friends and family this year. With everything going on in the world, its a wonderful feeling to just be able to simply be thankful.


Gravy Periodt

Periodt! It’s the gravy for me! The turkey may be the juiciest but it still needs some of that good ole’ gravy to make it the best! Also, how cute is this shirt? I love the color. And the PERIOD!

Squad Friendsgiving Shirts

Squad Friendsgiving

SQUAD GOALS! If you plan on being with your day ones. Then you guys need these shirts.

How cute are these nutrition facts shirts? I’d definitely rock the deviled egg on because your girl LOVES some deviled eggs.

Look super cute with your girl in these trendy shirts. However, don’t get too close to the hungry guests while you’re looking like a snack sis!

Friendsgiving Meg Thee Stallion Edition

Megan Friendsgiving shirt

IYKYK! Do you know your Megan? I never thought of this lyric in relation to Friendsgiving but it honestly works well. Also, how cute is this design. Again, you can’t go wrong with a turkey shirt on during November.

This post was all about the best trendy Friendsgiving shirts.

Did you find your outfit for you and your squad? If you did let me know down below. Leave a comment!