You and your roommate may not easily become best friends right away and you may not become friends at all.

Either way is okay, and you don’t need to try to force being friends with your roommate if it isn’t happening naturally.

Tips on How to Be A Good Roommate

When you live with someone the focus is on being a good roommate and respecting each other’s space. So here are a few tips on how to be a good roommate.

This post is about how to be a good roommate in college.

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Don’t Use Your Roommate’s Things Without Permission

This is a major no-no! You don’t want to cause an issue with your roomie because you have used something they needed.

Even if you think it’s something small that they won’t miss, it’s always best to ask anyway to avoid any confrontation involving missing things.

Talking with your roommate about the usage of personal things like curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons should take place before move-in day so that there is no confusion about usage.

You can make a roommate contract that states what your roommate can and cannot use without your permission so that it is clear and in writing.

Keep Common Areas Clean

common area clean

Don’t leave your bathroom a mess.

This is a common situation between girls in a dorm. If you take a shower and drip water all over the floor. Take a minute and clean the water up.

When brushing your teeth, if there is any toothpaste residue left in the sink go ahead and clean that up before you walk out.

Always leave the facilities in the same manner you found them in or better. If sharing utensils, then always wash them after every use.

You don’t want to leave them for the next person to have to clean even though they didn’t use them. Pick your clothes up! Don’t leave dirty clothes everywhere.

I recommend you have a hamper to put your clothes in so that you don’t have that issue. Your roommate will appreciate the fact that you respect their space enough to keep it clean and tidy.

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Split Up Any Share Routines

Agree on how you are going to share responsibilities in the room.

One day you can sweep and dust off the desks and the next it’s her turn. However, you split the duties up make sure that you keep the responsibility even and fair.

You don’t want someone to be doing all the work because that creates tension in the room. Discuss the chores that both of you like and dislike doing.

Create the chore list from that and you should be squared away with cleaning routines. You can put it up on a whiteboard inside your room.

Always stay on top of your chores so that you don’t have to be reminded or asked to do them when you’re supposed to. Keep a chore calendar and stick to it.

No Unannounced Guests

Avoid bringing people to the room without your roommate’s approval. It is necessary to ask your roommate if it’s cool to bring people back to the room.

It’s already hard to stay socially distant in such a small space so be considerate of your roommate’s feelings toward people coming in and out of the room.

Add the rules on guests in the roommate contract so that it will be clear how many you can bring and how to get approval to bring them over.

Be a Good Roommate and Don’t Hog the Temperature

be a good roommate leave the air alone

Make sure you have a clear understanding of how cold or warm you want the room to be.

If your roommate has any medical conditions like night sweats or anemia, then the temperature can be a big deal. Make sure you are considerate whenever changing the temperature.

If you are hot and want to turn the air on or up, then ask your roommate if it’s okay.

A good temperature for most people is 70. It’s just right and will the room cool but not cold. If you’re a hot natured person like me (July babies are naturally hot. Look it up it’s science) get you a fan.

Be Observant

At the beginning of any living situation, you have to fill a person out.

You will quickly learn about their likes and dislikes. Be observant and learn how your roommate works. This will keep down any confrontation.

If you notice your roommate cringes when loud noises are being made, then you know they aren’t a fan of loud noise. Try to keep your noise level to a minimum when they are around.

Be a Listening Ear

Often, we need someone to just hear us. It is easy to get self-absorbed in what you have going on but listen to your roommate if they tell you about something that may be bothering them.

Offer them some encouraging words. Even if you don’t know what to say let them know that you hear them and are listening.

If they seem to be having serious issues be sure to let them know about any help on campus they can reach out to.

You may find that you are helping them more than you realize.

Don’t Be Obnoxious

When your roommate is asleep it would be absurd for you to then decide to turn up the new Billie Eilish record and dance around your room in tap shoes.

That’s extreme but you know what I mean.

Don’t cause a problem where it doesn’t have to be one. If your roommate is studying make sure to use your headphones if you are listening to music or a podcast.

Use your inside voice when you’re talking on the phone.

Simple gestures like that will keep you from causing any problems with your new roomie. You know common courtesy.

How to Be A Good Roommate Conclusion

You don’t have to tiptoe around your roommate you have every right to enjoy your living space as much as they do.

However, it never hurts to be considerate of other people’s space and things.

You don’t have to be besties but you should get along and be respectful of one another.

Embrace any shared behaviors you two may have and try to avoid doing things that might irritate the other.

Follow these tips to ensure a healthy living environment between the two of you.

What type of roommate contract did you and your roommate come up with?

This post was all about how to be a good roommate in college.