Are you looking for a way to start a blog and make some real money? Look no further! I’m here to help you.

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

It’s also a great way to build an audience, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and make money from home!

You can even turn it into a business if you want. But where do you begin?

That’s why we created this guide – so that anyone who wants to start their own blog can get started today!

We know how overwhelming starting a blog can be at first. There are so many things that go into creating content, building traffic, monetizing your site. It all seems like too much work.

But don’t worry – our step-by-step guide will walk you through everything from choosing the right blogging platform for you up to making money from ads or affiliate marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start blogging today!

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Why You Should Start A Blog In College

A college student’s schedule is constantly changing. It can be hard to find a job when you have so many classes and extracurriculars, especially if your hours are unpredictable or nonexistent! Blogging allows flexibility with how much time one has available because it doesn’t require commitment like other jobs do.

How to Start A Blog | Step 1: Decide What You Want To Blog About

The first thing you need is an idea for your blog.

Here are some possibilities that might inspire you:

  • Gardening
  • Fashion
  • Book Reviews
  • How-To Tutorials
  • Budgeting
  • Self-Help / Personal Development
  • Cooking

And many, many more! The possibilities are endless. Think of something you enjoy or something you’re passionate about and what to teach others about. Also, your topic could be something you want to learn more about yourself.

Blogging about a topic that you are learning about allows you to help others that are one step behind you. You share what you learn along the way.

Do not be afraid of sharing personal information, but make sure it’s relatable and not overbearing. It needs to help build credibility in some way, shape, or form.

Step 2. Write Some Catchy Headlines

Here are a few examples of popular catchy headlines you can use for your blog titles and pins. These headlines have proven to get traffic because it draws people’s attention.

  • How to __­­­­_______.
  • This is the Book that will _________.
  • What your _______ says about you.
  • The 5 Things you need to _________.

How To ____________.:

This is a very common and compelling title. This should be first on your list of blog titles to use for any post. People love how-to’s because it makes them feel like they can do it too. How awesome would that feel if someone read your post and was able to do what you just did?

This is the Book that will help you __________.

If someone were looking for a book about your niche, which one would, they want to buy?

What your _________ says about you.

Here’s an oldie but goody! People love to hear what others think of them even though they don’t tell you in real life. What does your hair color say about you? Do people find it attractive?

Do not be afraid of sharing personal information, but make sure it’s relatable and not overbearing. It needs to help build credibility in some way, shape, or form.

The 5 Things you need to _________.

Another oldie but a goody! Tell people exactly what they need to do to accomplish something. If you’re knowledgeable about your subject, then this is a great title to use.

Step 3: Choose the right blogging platform.

Now that you have an idea for your blog, it’s time to pick a blogging platform so you can get started. The first thing you need to consider is what type of blogger you are?

Do you plan on being a professional blogger or just blogging for fun?

If your ultimate goal is to make money blogging, you’ll need to invest in a platform that meets your needs.

For beginner bloggers, I recommend Bluehost. It’s simple and easy to get started.

Go To to get started.

how to start a blog Bluehost landing page

How to Start A Blog | Step 4: Select A Plan

how to start a blog select a plan

Bluehost offers several hosting plans to choose from, each with its own features.

If you are starting on a personal blog, the Basic plan should be enough. The best part about it is it’s only $3.95 to get started.

Step 5: Set Up Your Domain Name

The next thing you need to do is choose a domain name for your blog.

When you buy hosting with Bluehost, you can get a free domain name if you register it for 1 year.

Here are some tips for coming up with ideas:

  • Avoid using commonly misspelled words
  • Use words related to what you love or keywords describing your niche (like “DIY,” “travel,” or “fitness”)
  • Make sure it’s easy to spell so more people will be to find you when searching online

Step 6: Create Your Account

After selecting a hosting plan, it’s time to create your account. Bluehost makes this incredibly easy by walking you step-by-step through the process.

You’ll need to choose what type of account, enter in some details about yourself, and pay for your first month of service. Afterward, they’ll give you access to everything you need to get started.

Step 7: Install WordPress | How to Start A Blog

Bluehost makes it easy to install the blogging platform you want – in this case, WordPress!

After signing in, follow their instructions for installing your blog’s platform. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free!

Step 8: Customize Your Design And Content

Once you’ve got your site set up, the next step is customizing both your design and content.

Start by choosing a theme that reflects your style or brand voice. Bluehost has several to choose from at no additional cost.

Step 9: Start Your Blogging Journey

So now that you know how to start a blog, you can begin your journey.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog but didn’t know where to start, you do now! Blogging can be an effective way for businesses and individuals to reach more people with their messages.

There are tons of free resources available online that will help get your blog started quickly.

How To REALLY Get Started

Stop Procrastinating and Start Blogging

Hey sis, let’s talk. Let’s talk about how you keep reading all these blogger’s income reports and success stories without a blog of your own? What are you waiting for, sis?

Do you need a sign? Here it is! After you read this, take notes and get started!

I know you want to start a blog, and I know you want to do it the right way. Well, there are way too many blog posts about how to start a blog, so I’ll just put mine here for you if you need a step-by-step.

Before you do that, let me tell you the real deal about starting a blog.

You will not be a millionaire tomorrow! Get that out of your mind. You will not make one damn dime the first day you start blogging. But what you do on day one can set you up to make money on day 2. Keep reading.

When you go to these “How to Start a Blog” posts, most of them will tell you that the first thing you need to do is buy hosting and a domain. No ma’am! No sir!

We are going to start from the VERY first step to starting a successful blog!

Brain Dump | How to Start a Blog

Before you do anything, you need to brain dump! Brain dump all your ideas into a notebook or your notes app on your phone.

I’m currently writing this post in my notes app right now.

Write out what topics you think you could write about consistently. Consistent is the keyword here. Blogging is a constant job, and you have to be on your feet if you want to compete.

Establish who your target audience is going to be

Think of the specific type of person that needs your advice and knowledge. Who are they? What do they look like, and what do they need? This will help you shape the look and feel of your blog.

Take the time to think about this because it will dictate who follows you and how popular your site will be.

How to Start a Blog | Plan Blog Posts

Once you’ve discovered your niche and target audience, write out 25 blog posts you could write right now if you were starting your blog today. Make sure your blog posts are helpful to your reader.

Identify a problem and offer a clear and concrete solution that will make them stop at your post and not need further help.

Start Writing

Yes, before you buy hosting and a domain, you need to write.

Hosting servers and domains cost money, and you would hate to buy them and then realize writing blog posts isn’t what you want to do with your time.

So, write at least 5, so you know that you can and want to be a blogger.

Learn Pinterest Marketing

Learn Pinterest early! I recommend taking a course on Pinterest because there is so much you need to know. Pinterest is extremely important to bloggers.

The course I recommend is Blogging Like You Mean It this course has taught me so much about Pinterest and how to use it effectively it’s insane! Plus her emails are extremely helpful and often right on time with information you need to know.


If you’ve got your niche, your target audience, and your first 5 blog post written.

Now it’s time to start your blog. Research, the hosting company you want to use and make sure they are right for you.

You’re on your way, kid! This world is a beautiful beast but a beast still. There will be so much you learn along the way that you wish you knew before you started.

However, learning is all a part of the process. 10-year bloggers are learning new tricks every day. So, don’t be discouraged because you know everything right off the bat.

Learning new things about blogging is one of the best parts of being a blogger. Happy blogging!