What’s your morning routine? No matter how you begin the wee hours of the day, there are plenty of ways to get going for an amazing day ahead! Scramble eggs, make coffee… or maybe start with a guided meditation.

Our mornings are a time for self-care and reflection, so it pays to start the day off on your best foot. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer to sleep in, there’s something useful we all need every morning from our rituals: motivation!

Everyone has their morning routine tailored to them. Having your morning routine perfected can make a world of difference in your morning productivity and mood. 

With the perfect morning routine, you won’t miss out on other essential morning activities that may be spontaneous.

The morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

In college, unless you lucked up and got all your days to begin with 10 a.m. classes (I did this my senior year and, it was AWESOME-SAUCE!), then you’re probably waking up pretty early to get started with your classes.

I have compiled a list of morning habits to help get you on track to having your perfect morning.

These are a few morning habits that will make up your morning routine:

Reminder: These activities won’t help you start your day off right if you get enough sleep. Sleep is crucial when you have to wake up early so, make sure you are getting enough rest before starting this morning routine.

Here are ways to make your early morning routine something you want to do every day.



morning routine: alarm

You may not realize this, but your alarm can tell you a lot about how you start your day. How do you handle the first sound of the morning waking up? Do you hit snooze every five minutes and eventually get up grudgingly at 8 a.m.? Or maybe you’re one of those who hits snooze only once before getting out of bed cheerfully.

If you’re getting up early to get on your way to a productive day, then your morning alarm should reflect that and not the opposite. Your alarm is basically the first step of your morning routine.

The best type of wake-up alarms to use in the morning include: 

Calm Music: Having calming music to wake you up can help ease stress and anxiety before having a productive start to your day. This will also gently wake you up.

Music with Affirmations: Similar to the idea of having a guided meditation playlist, this type helps you ease into your day.

Instead of waking up with an alarm with harsh sounds or lyrics that might make you feel stressed, try using one of these instead.

Don’t Hit Snooze | Morning Routine

This is the opposite of starting your day off right. If you are consistently hitting snooze 5+ times in the morning to wake up, then this should be avoided at all costs! This habit will make you feel exhausted throughout the day because you aren’t getting enough rest before your morning routine begins.

Wake Up Earlier

Getting your day started earlier increases productivity and allows you to get a head start on your daily to-do lists. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you usually would, or at least 30 if you’re extra-comfortable in bed.

As tempting as it is to stay in your warm covers for as long as possible, getting out of bed just a little earlier will make all the difference not only on the morning you do it but also on all the morning to follow.

Turn Off Distractions

Turn off distractions in your morning routine

The first thing you do when you wake up should be to is eliminate distractions. If you’re watching TV, scrolling through social media, or answering texts while lying in bed, then your mind is not focused on the task at hand: preparing for the day ahead.

Plan out what you need to get accomplished and set everything aside so that you can give it all your attention and energy.

Set The Mood

Setting the mood may seem like an extra step, but creating a morning mood is essential to your day’s positive start. When we get stressed out over trivial things, such as how we’re going to find our keys or where I left my wallet, we get flustered, which leads to feelings of anxiety.

Cozy Robe and Slippers

Waking up and slipping into a cozy robe and slippers is the best feeling ever. You can never go wrong with feeling warm and cozy in the morning.

Light a Candle | Morning Routine

Light a candle in the morning

Waking up and lighting your favorite candle puts you in a cozy mood. The candle’s scent will soon fill the air. Soon you will be able to wrap yourself up in its fragrance. It’s a scientific fact that scent changes your mood. Look it up.

Get Inspired

Read or listen to what inspires you. Inspirational reading will wake up your mind and heart and make you feel ready to conquer anything that morning throws at you. Sometimes, I even do morning yoga before I read because it sets me up for my day.

A great way to start this morning routine is with motivational quotes and affirmations.

Warm Beverage

Drinking your favorite warm beverage early in the morning will set your day up for success.

If you’re a tea drinker, keep your favorite tea bags handy for your early morning wake-ups.

Looking forward to getting your drink on will enhance your willingness to get up. Using your favorite mug, drink away the frustration of having to get up early.

Hygiene Routine | Morning Routine

Start your regular start-the-day routine. Brushing your teeth and using your favorite face wash will wake your body completely up, and you’ll feel wide awake.

I recommend using a face wash with a citrus smell. For some reason (maybe I’m just weird), citrus-scented face wash wakes me up much more than any other one.

Have Your Outfit Ready

Prep your outfit the night before because morning grogginess could mean walking out in mismatched clothes or shoving yourself into a pair of sweats and calling it a morning — but we don’t want that!

Eat Something Small

Eat a small breakfast

Eat something small for breakfast before heading out the door because morning classes call for quick eats, but also realize not everything has to be cereal and oatmeal. Grab a banana or an orange!

Get Moving

When you are about to get your day going, you have to get your body ready to move. If you have a quick exercise routine that you can fit in, go ahead and get it in. Yoga is a great morning exercise that will help you get your blood flowing and muscles ready to start your day.

Get To It | Morning Routine

Don’t procrastinate. Whether you’re taking an in-person class or an online course, you need to get to it. Get straight to your designated area and start preparing to learn. You will notice that procrastinating only makes the morning feel extra-long.

Using these tips should get you in the early morning mood. It may take a while to get used to but getting up early isn’t half as bad when you have something to look forward to doing. What does your morning routine look like? We would love to hear from you!

This post was all about the best morning routine to live your best life.