This post is all about how to set up a new planner and what to put in it.

You’re here because you’ve either recently bought a new planner or you’re thinking about buying a new planner, and you need ideas.

Well, I’m here to help you. Recently, I have fell head over heels in love with planning. So, here I’ll show you how to set it up.

I’ve always been an organizer type of girl. However, I never had time to actually sit down and plan out my life. Everything was happening so randomly.

Now, I have a steady flow of how things go around here, and I have a ton of things to track. I have 2 business, 2 kids, a full-time job, and I’m in school. Yes, I need wine. Thanks in advance.

Moving into a new planner is so exciting and satisfying. Feeling the crisp new pages and deciding what they will be used for puts me in my happy place.

Looking at my schedule, you’d think I was superwoman, but It’s really not that difficult to maintain once it’s been effectively planned out.

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What Kind of New Planner Should I Use?

I’ve been loving the Erin Condren planners lately. They give you pretty much everything you need to plan your whole life.

They offer notebooks and petite planners you can just throw in your purse and go if you don’t want to carry around the big one.

I also love the Day Designer planners. Day Designer planners are beautiful and have everything you need to create beautiful plans.

To answer your question, you must choose one that is right for you. Most planners offer the same basic planning needs.A monthly spread, to-do lists, and weekly spreads are planner basics.

If you are a goal-oriented person, you should look for a planner that offers a goals dashboard. There you could keep track of your accomplishments.

This post shows you how to set up a new planner and what to put in it.

Here is the ultimate guide to setting up a new planner.

Gather Your Favorite Pens and Highlighters

If this is your first time owning a planner, you may not be aware of the wide variety of pens there are in the world. I am obsessed with pens, and I have way too many of them.

However, the pens you use in your planner are important. If you use the wrong type of pen in some planners, it could ruin the pages. Make sure you have a pen that doesn’t bleed through.

Use one of your notes pages as a test sheet to ensure you are using the right pens and highlighters.

The highlighters that are popular and I LOVE are the

Sticky Note

This is one of my favorite parts. Before I write anything in my planner, I take my sticky notes and go from page to page to decide what I want to do with each page.

For instance, if I want to turn one of my notes pages into a tracker for my blog, I will write something like “blog pageviews monthly,” I would obviously track my blog’s page views.

The sticky note method gives you direction and a place to start from so that you don’t get stuck staring at a blank page for hours.

Color Coordinate

This tip is totally optional. Some people like to keep the color to a minimum, and that’s fine. I do that in my work planner.

However, color coordinating with pens and stickers can make planning fun and something to look forward to. It opens up that creative part of your brain that you don’t use as often when you get stuck in a routine.

I encourage you to check out some other planner blogs and YouTube channels to get inspiration for layouts.

Write Your Name

I usually write my name after I have planned everything out in my planner. It’s like the opening ceremony to the games.

I have written it in a bubble letter form. I’ve used sticker letters before. So get as creative as you like with placing your name in your planner.

Also, always add a phone number to the front of your planner in case it ever gets lost. I’d hate for you to lose it after you’ve made it all personalized.

Add Important Dates

I’m sure you’re saying, “Duh, that’s the whole point of having a planner.” Like my mother says, “Common sense ain’t common.” Lol

Adding your important dates to your planner is a given. However, don’t throw every date you remember into your planner. There is no reason for you to have your 3rd-grade teacher’s son’s first day of school when he was 5 labeled in your planner.

I had this problem in high school. My planner was filled to the coils with unnecessary dates of things I had no intention of attending. Don’t do that, sis.

Only add the birthdays, anniversaries, and special events that are important to you, and you want to remember. Cluttering up your planner is counterproductive.

Add Appointments

Add your doctor, dentist, and all other appointments after you’ve added your important dates.

This way, you will know if you need to reschedule these things for another day. You don’t want to have a conflicting schedule.


Your planner will become your go-to for motivation. If you are a goal tracking person, then writing your goals and checking in on them in your planner will keep you going.

I love tracking my goals because it lets me know when I’m on the right track, and when I need to work harder at accomplishing what I set out to do.

It’s totally up to you on what you want to keep track of, so write your specific goals out and get busy knocking your goals out the park sis.

Actually, Use Your New Planner

So many times, I have fallen into the planner world and bought pens, highlighters, and even new planners and didn’t even use one page.

In 2019 I purchased a Happy Planner with extension packs and washi tape, and guess how many months out of the year are decorated and planned in that planner? One! One single, lonely ass month.

Oh well, never again. So, use your planner and go back to it to reference.

Once you get the hang of looking it at your life all planned out, you will enjoy having this roadmap to help you.

This post was all about setting up a new planner and what to put in it.

Time to set up your new planner! These are the best planner setup tips that you need to have your new planner organized. Starting a new planner is always fun. These tips will make you a planner expert. #newplanner #newplannersetup
Time to set up your new planner! These are the best planner setup tips that you need to have your new planner organized. Starting a new planner is always fun. These tips will make you a planner expert. #newplanner #newplannersetup