Self care gifts anyone? Have you been shopping for everyone else but haven’t thought about what you need or want?

Well stop right here sis! I’ve put together a list of self-care items that are going to make your day.

Some of these things I have personally used and they’re amazing for a Sunday afternoon spent alone with no chores, no errands, just some good ol’ pampering yourself time.

So relax as we scroll through this gift guide full of the best products out there to treat yo’self (or someone special).

These self-care gifts will be sure to please even those who already think they deserve it all 😉 Here is our complete list:

Best Self Care Gifts

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Manicure Set

A manicure set is the perfect gift to start out your self-care gifts list.

Not only is it the perfect size to fit in any purse or pocket, but this will make someone’s day when they need some extra pampering.

This one is great because it comes with many items like tweezers, clippers, cuticle trimmers and more.

It also comes with its very own carrying case for easy carrying!

Blackhead Scrubber

This one might be my favorite (but who doesn’t love a face scrubber right?).

This blackhead remover is a cult favorite and every time I see someone post it on their stories, I can’t help but feel like I need one too.

Not only does it suck out blackheads and other whitehead impurities, but it also gently exfoliates your skin!

It has a little rotatable head which makes cleaning a breeze.

Toning Sleep Mask

If you haven’t tried this sleep mask yet then what are you waiting for?

The cooling gel keeps your face smooth while the lavender aromatherapy helps reduce inflammation and relaxes muscles.

Hair Coils

If you or your gift recipient is a hair diva, then these coils are going to be the gift of the hour.

This innovative product helps prevent split ends and breakage by keeping them all together in a spiral-shaped coil.

Microfiber Hair Towel

Hair towels might not sound life changing but until you’ve tried one these microfiber towels,

These special towels help keep water off face so it doesn’t drip all over you while blow drying.

They also help reduce frizz and can last on average up to a year before needing replacement!

Microplush Heated Throw

It’s super soft and comfy to cuddle up in so it also makes a great present for your significant other!

Heated Beauty Mitts

Since we all have been washing our hands 2 million times a day lately, it makes sense to take a little

Every beauty guru knows that deep conditioning is what helps keeps hair looking shiny and healthy.

So if you know someone who spends time doing treatments like this, then these heated mitts are going to be their new go-to beauty staple.

These things make relaxing treatment times even more luxurious 🙂

Gold Eye Patches

Have you ever wanted to look more awake?

Of course we all do after long nights of no sleep!

Eye patches are the craze in Japan for this reason.

These gold patches will help reduce puffiness around your eyes so you can look fresh and rested even when you’re not.

Electric Callus Remover

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…how is this self-care?

Well, to be honest it doesn’t feel good but it does feel great after!

So if someone needs a bit of pampering then these electric callus removers are the perfect gift.

They remove dead skin cells which leave feet looking smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom!

Face Scrubbies

Oh, face scrubbies how I love thee.

Whether they have blackheads or dry spots, everyone needs an extra hand sometimes to help them with their skincare routine.

These face scrubbies are gentle enough for sensitive skin yet strong enough to really give your pores a deep clean!

Facial Steamer

This is the perfect gift if you know someone who uses steaming as part of their at-home facial routine.

This will help open up pores so that treatments can be absorbed better by the skin, leaving it looking radiant and beautiful!

Shoulder Massager

Nothing quite feels as good as getting a shoulder massage, right?

So why not get something that actually helps you do it by yourself?

This handheld massager has over 20 different speed modes which rotate in 4 directions.

It’s rechargeable and made out of real wood, making this product a favorite among reviewers.

Face Roller

This cult favorite face roller reduces inflammation and stimulates skin by using a metal bar which sends micro-currents to your muscles.

It has natural rose quartz and tourmaline so it can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin!

Keep yours in the fridge to get an even more cooling effect!

Facial Exfoliator

Keeping up with exfoliating is hard and keeping track of the date on those physical scrubs you use is even more difficult.

So if you know someone who needs a little pampering, these electronic face scrubbers are perfect for at home skincare!

They’re easy to hold and they come in 4 different speeds and 3 colors.

Gel Nail Kit

Feel like your nails could use a refresher after the winter?

Well this gel nail kit will make them look shiny, pretty and well-groomed in no time at all!

This particular nail kit includes everything you need; base coat, top coat, color – even the LED lamp that cures each layer of gel into your nails.

What more could you ask for?

Face Masks

This set comes with 11 different types of face masks which you can try out on yourself or give them as gifts!

There are charcoal masks that help draw out impurities from blackheads and active ingredient based mask cubes too – the beauty world really does have an option for everyone!

Self-Care Journal

This journal is designed for people whose self-care routine has gotten a little too busy and they need some help remembering their daily rituals.

It’s made to be easy to use with different sections for morning, afternoon, evening and before bed; plus it comes with stickers!

Dead Sea Bath Salt

This Dead Sea Bath Salt is a great gift idea because it helps to relax and calm your muscles as well as detoxify the skin.

It’s also made with real Dead Sea salt so it has lots of minerals and nutrients that can help improve circulation and reduce muscle pain.

Sugar Scrub

If you need a gift idea that’s (semi) affordable, this sugar scrub is perfect.

It can be used on the body to moisturize skin and exfoliate dead skin cells; it can even be used on hair!

I’ve tried using it as shaving cream before which gives me the smoothest result ever.

Lip Exfoliator

If your friend is in need of a good lip scrub, this one promises to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil buildup that can cause an unpleasant appearance.

Packed with antioxidants, this product will leave lips feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and nourished!

This post is all about the best self care gifts for your holiday gift list.