This post is all about how to stay motivated in college.

School is underway, and this year has been CRAZY. While the world is upside down, you’ve been preparing for this new semester. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Don’t let it sis. Here are all the ways to stay stress-free and motivated in college.

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This post is all about how to stay motivated in college.

9 Ways To Stay Motivated In College

Have A Friend

Tell a friend that you’re going to need an extra boost of motivation this semester.

Your real friends will take this as a challenge and keep you encouraged throughout the year. Your friends will encourage you to go to class, stay on top with projects, and keep up with all your assignments.

All while making you laugh and making you feel loved. You can’t buy that type of motivation. Awww…all the feels!

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself for what you have already accomplished.

You are doing a fantastic job, girl! Don’t always beat yourself up on what you can do better.

Whether it’s just an iced coffee, a new cute notebook for class, or that sweatshirt you want from the bookstore, reward yourself for all your hard work so you can have a moment to say, “Yea, I earned that.”

Explore Campus

You know that building you’ve never been in? Go in there.

Just walk around and see your school. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful your campus is.

A relaxing walk around campus can ease up the stress you may be feeling about classes.

Take A Break From Social Media

I know! I know it’s so much going on, and you want to be in the know.

However, you may be stressing yourself out without even knowing it from watching other people who may be posting about how their year is going. Remember, people only post the good parts.

They don’t show you their breakdowns. So, don’t compare your college experience to anybody else’s because they are supposed to be different, and it’s okay if you’re not having the time of your life yet. It’s coming!

Choose Healthy Food

You’d be surprised how your diet affects your mood. Therefore, it’s easy to get into a study groove that you don’t want to break and grab something quick to eat without thinking about a balanced meal.

Chick-fil-A is amazing; we know that. However, you can’t eat it every day! I want to. But you just can’t.

Ensure you are eating enough healthy food to get the right vitamins you need to be alert and focused. Otherwise, you’ll be tired and cranky and unable to stay motivated to work hard.


You can get your steps in just by taking the long way to class, and staying active increases circulation and blood flow.

Exercises like lifting weights, going for a run, or doing yoga are extraordinary for unwinding and easing a busy college schedule’s pressures.

A regular exercise routine can help calm anxiety and get your psyche off of any difficult exams or projects coming up soon.

So, if you find yourself not having time to get in a full workout at the gym. Use your yoga mat in your room and do calming poses that will help you stay motivated and healthy at the same time.


Start caring more about you by giving yourself a facial, paint your toes, or wash your hair.

Whatever you need to do, feel like your best self. Often, we neglect ourselves when we dive headfirst into studying and being prepared for our courses.

Don’t forget to love yourself in the process.

Set Small Goals to Stay Motivated in College

Of course, you have big goals that you want to reach; however, setting smaller goals that lead to the bigger goals will give you a sense of accomplishment every time you hit the mark.

Setting small goals keeps you motivated to keep going until you reach the big goal, and then it’s REALLY celebration time then.

Tell Someone

Often, we keep things bottled in because we don’t want people to think we aren’t doing well or can’t handle being in college. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

You don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you talk to your roommate, a friend, or a school counselor, you need to tell someone how you’re feeling if you’re stressed.

There are times when just having someone listen to you about being stressed will be all the stress reliever you need. Let it out, sis.

Wrap Up: Motivated in College

Remember, it’s a lot easier said than done but keeping these things in mind will give you a heads up on what to do when you’re feeling less than excited about heading to class or opening up that book to study.

You’re going to be so proud of yourself in the end. Don’t give up.

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated in college? Share with us, sis. Leave a comment below.

This post was all about how to stay motivated in college.