Okay, so before anyone calls me out on my bullsh*t, I didn’t start out making straight A’s in college.

During my first semester, I was put on academic probation and had half of my scholarship taken away because my grades were so low.

But that’s my business! Shout out to Tabitha Brown. IYKYK.

This post is all about how to make straight A’s in college.


I was a mess. My first thought was that my college days were over.

Freaking out wasn’t even the term for it.

I just knew my parents were going to disown me.

I don’t want to live in the streets of my hometown with nothing to my name but the hoodie I had purchased from the bookstore.

COLLEGE KEY: It’s Not The End of The World!

After my first semester, I ended up going back with less of a scholarship and less of my self-esteem.

Determine to turn my grades around and finish what I started I created a sure proof plan for myself to make straight A’s in every class.

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Now I can’t wait to share that with you.

How To Make Straight A’s In College

Your Syllabus is Your Friend

make straight A's in college
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Do not forsake the syllabus. It breaks down exactly what you will be learning and when. Also, it has a calendar with all the major assignments listed for you.

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and put those dates in your planner, phone, or whatever you use to keep up with things you have to do.

Plan to work on all your major assignments 1 to 2 weeks in advance so you will have time to make changes and perfect it before it’s due date.

Set reminders so you won’t get caught up with, you know, LIFE! You’ll always be on time with the assignments you need to turn in.

Put your syllabus in your notebook for that class and keep up with it. It has important information like your professor’s office hours, office location, and email address.

You can also store all of this in your college organization binder.

Study Hard AF

You can be the most focused student ever and still fall short on exams if you don’t study.

In high school, I wasn’t much of a “studier”. I would listen in class, and whatever information I retained from the lecture, I would regurgitate onto the test paper.

It doesn’t work like that in college. That’s how I ended up on academic probation.

You have to learn what the best study habit is for you and I suggest you do this before you get there if you don’t know how to study.

You will waste a lot of time and money if you go to college and don’t know how to study.

The summer before college, you should take a summer college prep course at a community college in your hometown to help you get prepared for college.

It will put you in the mode of studying and learning what suits you before you’re thrown into the college whirlwind.

There are many ways to study. Make a list of all the ones that interest you and try them all! Really! Try them until you find the one that gets you the best results.

Rewrite Your Notes

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This is the most effective way of studying for me. I HAVE to rewrite my notes.

Most of the time, I’m listening to a lecture and jotting down what I feel is the key point and things that the professor is emphasizing or repeating.

When I write fast, my handwriting looks like a 4th grader got loose in my Functions of Modern Management course notebook.

So I rewrite my notes, so they are neat and easy to read and also to help me remember what the lecture was about.

Often when I’m rewriting my notes, I remember things that I didn’t write down and get to add them to my notes.

The neater your notes are, the more likely you are to reread them and actually study for your exams.

If You Fail To Plan You Plan To Fail

Utilize your phone’s calendar. Set your due dates for all your assignments in your calendar WITH alarms!
Set the alarm to go off a day before.

We all get sidetracked with life sometimes, and that’s to be expected. So make sure to remind yourself that things are due and when they are due.

I recommend getting a planner. You can call me old fashion if you like but I really enjoy writing things down and having everything at a glance.

I have sent MANY assignments in at 11:59:59 p.m.! As long as it’s still the day of you get full credit.

Get Some Sleep

good sleep for college

I know late-night cram sessions sound like a good idea at the time, but when you’re tired during an exam you’re more likely to make really dumb mistakes.

When you study before you get a good night’s sleep it is easier for your brain to retain the information you studied the night before.

First thing the next morning you should pick up where you left off and study as you walk to class, each lunch, and as you walk into the testing site.

Keep the information fresh but don’t stay up all night in a coffee-driven cram session because you will eventually crash and you don’t want to do it during the exam.

Don’t Stress Yourself

This is the most important step of them all. Do not stress! I know that is much easier said than done because I have been there! Trust me!

I had never had an anxiety attack like the one I had when they sent that academic probation letter home to my parents.

What good would straight As be if you have stressed yourself sick? You want to maintain a healthy balance of school, social, and personal life to protect your mental space.

If you find yourself stressed out or feeling out of the ordinary, make it your business to utilize the help that is on campus.

Every college campus has counselors that you can talk to about how you feel and they are a big help!

Utilize the Help On Campus–Mental Health Is IMPORTANT

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been able to get things off my chest during my undergrad years.

There was so much change so fast and I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was and that was okay.

I had to bite my pride and ego and just go sit my ass in the counselors off and cry about it one good time and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

So don’t be afraid to go get some help or just talk to someone. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to an authority figure find a girl that’s sitting alone and sit with her and just start talking.

I promise people won’t think you’re weird. You’ll find out that you are definitely not alone.

What are some things that you have done to maintain your GPA? Help a sister out! Leave a comment below.

This post was all about how to make straight A’s in college.