This post is all about study hacks and how to remember what you read.

So you’re looking for a study hack huh? I know why you’re here. You have been studying for an upcoming exam and you can’t remember sh*t you just read right?

Well, I’ve been there…tbh I am there it’s the same in grad school. New faces same cases. *facepalm*

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A college student frustrated with notes
This post shows you study hacks and how to remember what you read.

The Frustration

It can be extremely frustrating to work so hard and try to study the traditional way by reading the material and going over your notes like you were taught.

You try the old faithful flashcards.

However, they make you feel even dumber because you don’t even remember the answers you JUST wrote on the back of those small slips of paper.

Flashcards DO work sometimes not going to lie but not really for vast amounts of information.

Is none of that working for you anymore?

You wanna know why?

student using her phone hashtag study hack

Those damn smartphones! I know my age is showing. But our phones, tablets, and other devices that give us information at the drop of a dime all contribute to the way our brains receive information.

When we hold our smartphones in our hands all day with millions of bits of information about anything under the sun at our fingertips within seconds, our minds are programmed into receiving information in small bits and instantaneously.

Reading a book and taking notes is just too slow!

Use That Pocket Computer

So how are you supposed to study if your mind has been programmed by your smartphone?

Study hack! You use your smartphone to study! Use and app like Quizlet that helps you learn vocabulary and makes it a bit more interesting

The main problem with the traditional way of studying is you don’t gain anything from reading something one time. You have to read it multiple times and see it multiple times the same way.

For example, if you needed to know that “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.”

Christopher Columbus was a fraud and I hope you’re not learning this in a college setting. Happy Indigenous People Day! This ends my Christopher Columbus rant…

However, let us say you needed to learn that and you had never seen it before.

Well saying it out loud one time helps you to remember it. So that’s one time. Now you should write it. Write it down once. So that’s two times. Now, where would you most likely need to put it so that you’ll see it often?

You guessed it. On your phone. Type it into your notes. That’s 3 times. Send it to someone as a text message. That’s 4 times!

College student using iphone to take notes as a study hack

Use Your Email

I like to write all my notes in an email to myself and send them to myself. So I read it as I type it and also when I check my email. That would take care of time 5 and 6 for me.

Text Message

I know you can’t send your mom all your psychology notes via text but the important stuff that you’re having a hard time remembering should be written down and said out loud at least 6-7 times to remember it.

Use Whatever Works For You

Maybe 6 times doesn’t work for you. Try 9,11, hell, try 30! You have to find what works best for you.

If you can read it once and remember then good for you. Please share your talent with the rest of the class.

This doesn’t happen overnight it takes time to practice what works best for you. It’s a trial and error thing.

Yet, when you figure out what does work best for you it will work every time faster and faster.

Soon you’ll be a remembering machine and able to recall information verbatim just by seeing, writing, and saying it so many times.

Remember that it’s unrealistic and downright unfair to beat yourself up about not being able to read something once and quickly remember it.

Damn you people with a photographic memory! I envy you for more reasons than one!

Try These Study Hacks

I recommend you try these steps to remember what you read to prepare for your upcoming exam:

Study Hack #1 Read The Material

Read it twice. At least twice. Once for clarity and once for comprehension.

Study Hack #2 Say It Out Loud

Say the information that you feel is important out loud. Don’t be afraid to freak your roommate out. Just let them know this is how you study and move on.

Study Hack #3 Write It Out

Write down the key points that you know you should remember.

Study Hack #4 Use Your Phone’s Note Section

Type this into your notes apps on your phone. Use your phone’s notes app for something other than IG captions.

Study Hack #5 Send Your Notes to Someone

You should always have a friend you can send random text messages to. If not, you can always text mom. She’s probably going to call you because she thinks you’ve been kidnapped and sending clues through your World Lit. notes.

But she’ll be fine once you explain that she’s helping you study. Send them to someone you know won’t mind getting your notes at 11 p.m.

Study Hack #6 Re-Read Your Notes

Look at your notes in your phone when you have idle time.—Stop scrolling down your IG timeline and look at those notes for a few minutes. That timeline can wait!

Study Hack #7 Dedicate Time To Studying

Set aside time throughout your day to just note studying time. You must put in the work to remember things.

People want a quick fix to their problems and that’s understandable. However, when it comes to remembering things its all in your mind, and only YOUR mind can help you. You have to train your brain to know that THIS is the answer to THAT, and THIS is what we say when we see THAT.

So dedicating time to sit down and study with your notes is very important to this process. Dedicating too little time will cause your hard work to fall apart.

Don’t think your memory problem will be solved in a day. You can and you will remember things more effectively if you put these steps into play but just as everything else in life you have to practice to be perfect.

Do you have any tips that help you remember things? Help a sister out! Leave a comment down below and tell me what you do/did to remember what you studied!

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This post was all about study hacks and how to remember what you read.