This post is all about what to do during Thanksgiving break.

When November comes, most college students breathe a short sigh of relief because you realize Thanksgiving break is coming. If you’re looking for what to do during Thanksgiving break, I got you, sis.

Even though this isn’t the end of the semester it is a break from the constant typing of papers and quizzes. Finally, switch up the old routine.

One week of being able to wake up when your body wants to and not when your alarm clock tells you will get you in the mood to have some fun.

Whether you will be celebrating Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year, you’ll be getting a much-deserved break from school and should use this time to just wind down with the people you care about most.

This year’s festivities may be a bit different with social distancing, however, family or friends get-togethers will be at an all-time high given the fact that this year has been one of the craziest for a lot of families.

Don’t waste your whole Thanksgiving break sleeping your life away or scrolling on TikTok. Get up, get out, and be productive, and have some fun.

Here are some productive and fun things you can do during your Thanksgiving break to keep you entertained.

This post is showing you fun and productive things to do during Thanksgiving break.

Fun Things to Do During Thanksgiving Break

  • Watch Feel-Good Movies

Recommended to Watch:

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Home Alone
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  • The Family Stone
  • Elvis Has Left The Building

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  • Have A Friendsgiving Party

Have a get-together with your closest friends and have a fun party. Check out this post to learn more about throwing a lit Friendsgiving party.

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  • Volunteer
Volunteer during Thankgsgiving Break

Spending your time giving to others during the holiday season is always a great option. Spread love and cheer this holiday by volunteering at your local shelter or Boys & Girls Club.

  • Organize Your Notes

I know, I know. I said wind down from school. But, having your notes all organized and ready for classes to resume will make your transition back to school much easier. You know once you go back it’s almost finals week!

  • Go Camping
Go Camping during Thankgsgiving Break

Fall is the best time of the year to enjoy the great outdoors. Before it gets freezing cold, get some friends together and plan a camping trip.

  • Create A Thankful Jar

This jar could be something you use at your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving celebration. Have all your friends and family write down what they are thankful for and place it in the jar. You all could go around and read them later or save them for next year.

  • Play In The Leaves

Playing in the leaves isn’t just for kids. Let your inner child relive those moments. Rake up a pile of leave and JUMP! This is super fun and surprisingly satisfying. Perfect IG moment if you do it right.

  • Watch Your Favorite Football Team or Start Your Own

Football anyone? Grab your squad and head outside for some football fun. If your athletic ability is at a -100, then watching football on tv will suffice.

Family Time

  • Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

It’s not Thanksgiving for me until I see a giant cartoon character filled with helium floating down those New York streets on my television.

  • Go Down Memory Lane With Your Loved Ones

Pull out old photographs and relive moments from holidays, birthdays, and get-togethers from the past.

  • Spend Time With Family
Spending Time With Family During Thanksgiving Break

This is never a bad option. Even if they get on your nerves, they are yours and you have to appreciate what you have while you have it.

  • Plan Out Your Black Friday Shopping

If you have anything specific you know you want to purchase you should plan out your strategy for the Black Friday sales. All the sales usually come out the Wednesday of Thanksgiving so, take a minute and map out your shopping schedule.

  • Movie Night With Your Friends
have a movie night during Thankgsgiving Break

A movie night with your friends is perfect all year round. During the holidays it seems to make this activity 10x more fun. Have movie night outside to switch things up a bit.

More Things To Do

  • Try A New Sweet Recipe
  • Walk or Ride Your Bike Around Your Neighborhood
  • Read A Book
  • Host an At-Home Tailgate Party
  • DIY Some Fall Crafts
  • Start A Bullet Journal
  • Learn A Family Recipe
  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch
  • Collect Fall Candles
  • Visit A New Restaurant in Your Hometown
  • Have A Game Night
  • Practice A Self-Care Routine
  • Learn Yoga
  • Do A TikTok Challenge
  • Social Media Detox
  • Start A Blog
  • Binge Watch A Netflix Show
  • Drive Around A See Holiday Lights
  • Find Holiday Backgrounds for Your Devices
  • DIY A Fall Wreath
  • Design Your Holiday Cards
  • Start A New Holiday Tradition
  • Visit A Museum
  • Have A Picnic
  • Make S’mores

This post is all about things to do during Thanksgiving break in college.

36 productive and fun things to do over Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving break activities you can do alone or with your friends and family. Don't be bored this year. Take this list and have a fun Thanksgiving break from college.