Your shower is a place where you can relax. There are only a few things more satisfying than taking time for yourself. Whether it’s washing the sweat away after an intense workout or enjoying your own company after a day at work. The perfect shower routine will help wash the stress of the day away.

Your shower routine should start with getting energized! It’s important to take care of both mind & body, so they function well through this process and positively impact how we feel mentally throughout each new task set before us daily.

Showers also help you to fall asleep faster and sleep more comfortably throughout the night.

Who knew that you can improve you mental health by taking a shower?

As someone who takes their time every morning, I’m always looking for ways to give me the best results. Giving your skin a perfect glow starts in the shower.

The proper techniques will help you achieve a supple and flawless body, so let’s get started!


Before You Shower Routine

Take Off Any Makeup

The first step is important because it allows you to clear your pores of any dirt, debris, and excess oil that can easily clog them up.

This will help prevent breakouts in problem areas such as your forehead, chin, and nose with time. Showering with dirty skin can cause acne flare-ups.

Clean Your Nails Before Getting Into Shower

While showering, you’re creating a perfect environment for dirt to be swept away by the steam produced from temperate water. By cleaning your nails before getting in the shower, you’ll prevent unsightly debris from entering back into your pores. So you must remove all of these contaminants beforehand.

Prepare For The Shower

Before actually turning on the shower, you should prepare yourself for this routine ahead by keeping everything you need to take with you within arms reach or at least have easy access to them nearby. Ensure that your shampoo & body wash are stored together in one place to minimize time spent digging through cabinets looking for each item. Shower Timers are also a good idea for those who have time constraints.

During Your Shower Routine

Use Warm Water

While warm water provides a relaxed atmosphere, it can also open up your pores, allowing for better removal of dirt. Warm water is best because it allows the skin to relax, making scrubbing easier on your muscles.

Use A Good Body Wash

Using an effective body cleanser is vital if you want to get rid of dirt & debris clogging up your pores. It’s essential to choose something that isn’t too abrasive but rather gently works its way through your pores, removing oil buildup while mixing with steam to create the perfect cleansing environment.

Exfoliate With A Body Scrub

Exfoliating is the most important step in the shower because it allows you to eliminate dead skin cells, which can accumulate each day, causing your skin to look rough and dull. The best way to exfoliate is with a body scrub. Start by wetting yourself down with warm water – this will open up your pores, making them more receptive to receiving the benefits of this treatment. Apply an almond-sized amount of scrub onto wet skin & use circular motions to work into lathers before rinsing off thoroughly with warm water.

Deep Condition To Hydrate Hair Properly

deep conditioning hair during your shower routine

If you’re like many, you may not take time for deep conditioning treatments regularly. If this is something that interests you in evening out your hair and giving yourself a healthy glow, then start this in the shower by applying a generous amount to wet hair before covering the head in Saran Wrap – leaving it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

Shave Near The End Of Your Shower Routine

Do your shaving during your shower to provide a smooth surface free from dirt & debris. If you’re going to shave your legs, then take the time to exfoliate them first. Not only will it make getting a close shave easier, but it’ll help remove any excess skin cells that may hinder the proper absorption of moisture.

After Your Shower Routine

Dry Off Thoroughly

After rinsing off shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, dry yourself off with a clean towel before moving on to body lotion. Towels can harbor bacteria which can cause acne flare-ups if they come in contact with your skin while damp. Drying off properly will prevent this – allowing your pores ample time throughout the day for cleansing purposes.

Wash Your Face At The Sink

You may have heard that the best time to clean your face is after a shower, but you probably didn’t know how important it is to avoid soap residue and dirt. If possible, wait until you rinse out all hair products before washing with a facial cleanser.

Apply Moisturizer After Your Shower Routine

Using moisturizer right after washing your face is important because it’ll help lock in moisture. Locking in this moisture is very important if you want your skin to look healthy and feel smooth throughout each day.

Get the best results possible by using these simple tips for your shower routine. It’ll make a big difference in how your skin & hair look and feel, leaving you with only envy-inducing compliments!

Common Shower Routine Questions

What order should you shower in?

The order may be different for everyone, but the most effective way is to stick with this order: shampoo/conditioner, body wash, scrub (if you’re using one), shave (if necessary), and lastly, moisturizer.

Why should I wait until my shower is over before washing my face? 

Washing your face before taking a shower isn’t that much of an issue, but it can cause dry skin problems in certain climates. Wiping away moisture while already in the shower causes your pores to close up faster than they normally would. When this happens, skin becomes easily irritated because there’s no intention of cleaning it properly; this leads to acne breakouts.

When is the best time to shower?

The best shower time depends on your body and shower routine. Some people like to take a quick rinse and be done, while others might go for a leisurely shower or work it into their morning routine.

There is no right answer since we all have different needs. There are different opinions on this, but most people will shower first thing in the morning.

Are two showers a day too much?

The rule of thumb is to shower in the morning and then again at night before bed. For most people, two showers a day wouldn’t be too much.

Showers can dry out skin, but there are wonderful natural soap bars made with pure essential oils that moisturize the skin.

What’s the difference between dry & oily skin?

Skin is our largest organ and needs to be cared for to stay healthy! Dry skin looks duller and feels tight, while oily skin glistens in certain light and feels smooth. The key to combatting both of these problems is exfoliation. Whether you do it with a loofah, body scrub, or just by washing your face, removing dead skin cells will allow moisture in & absorb properly.

This post is all about the best shower routine.