Have you been Googling things like “how to make money with a blog” or “what is affiliate marketing?” Then you’re on the right track.

If you’re searching for those things, then you probably have run across a headline about making money from home that caught your attention.

Many bloggers are making a lot of money through affiliate marketing on their blogs.

Whether they have huge fan bases or small blogs, affiliate marketing brings in a significant amount of income to bloggers in all niches.

Many bloggers are making affiliate marketing a full-time career.

This post may contain an affiliate link or two, which means I’ll receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link, this doesn’t cost you anything extra. Feel free to read the full disclaimer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing in the blogging world means advertising a product or service for a company with the advantage of earning a commission for each sale.

You can promote the product in a blog post with text links. You can also promote products through banner ads attached to your affiliate link.

Commissions are set by the company and can range from a few cents per sale to hundreds of dollars. It depends on the company and the types of products.

For example, if this post was about “The best chew toys for puppies.” I would list the best chew toys for puppies and provide you with a link to purchase said toys.

The link would be called an affiliate link. If you click on the link and purchase from the website, I will get a small commission from the sale.

It’s as easy as that.

As long as you provide disclosure to your audience that the link they are clicking on is an affiliate link, you’re in the clear.

You can promote products as often as you’d like. There’s no schedule set as to when you have to promote a product.

I recommend only promoting products you’ve used or believe in. Promoting products just to make money could lead to your audience not trusting you. That would hinder any growth your blog would make.


How To Find Affiliate Programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs. Almost every brand you can think of has an affiliate program. 

If you type in your favorite store name + affiliate program, you’ll find that almost all businesses are taking advantage of this new-age advertising.

To become an affiliate, you will have to sign up for a brand’s affiliate program. 

Most brands have joined affiliate marketing networks that allow potential affiliates to join multiple programs at once. 

Amazon, Awin, ShareASale, and RewardStyle are some of the most popular affiliate networks amongst bloggers.

They have toolboxes that allow you to create links to products that you want to feature on your blog.

To learn more about the best affiliate programs for beginners, check out…..she has a really good article that helped me out when I first started with affiliate marketing.

How Do I Make Sales? I’m Not A Good Salesperson

That’s the best part about affiliate marketing; you don’t have to be a salesperson at all!

The company does the work for you. You are only giving your honest opinion about a product or service to help your reader solve their problem.

Conversational Selling

I’m going to give you a good marketing strategy that all the 6 figure bloggers use.

I call it conversational selling. The products you promote should fit into the conversation of the blog post. When using this marketing method, you shouldn’t have to break a conversation to mention a product.

Let the product naturally fit into the sentence. Often, I have to go back through my paragraphs and add links because I spoke about a product I have a link for without even thinking about it.

Back to the dog toys for this example.

Example: “This weekend was awesome. I took Toby (my dog) for a walk. He played with the new toy I bought last week. He enjoyed it so much that he bought 3 more to hand out as doggy Christmas gifts this year!”

The underlined section is my affiliate link. Also, nothing about that sounds salesy. I’m simply a woman letting you know about my weekend and my dog.

Typically you wouldn’t be writing so candidly about your own life. But as you grow, your audience will become more concerned about who you are. So it’s okay to share a little tidbit but not too much.

Find Your Style Of Affiliate Marketing & Stick To It

There are so many different ways you can go about affiliate marketing.

When you first start, it’s best to choose one specific way of making money and stick with it. If you try 4 different strategies at once, you won’t focus on any single tactic that could help you generate income.

Don’t tell your clients what they should or should not buy; just tell them why it would work for them. You are letting out the inner salesperson in yourself because when someone buys a product using your link-you make a commission off of the sale!

You can even inspire your readers to purchase products by mentioning other bloggers who use the item in their posts. This gives credit where credit is due, which benefits everyone involved. 

Why Would People Buy Products Through My Link?

There has never been a better time to be an affiliate marketer than now! More and more brands are using affiliate marketing as part of their business growth strategy. Brands want traffic on their website, and for that, they need a loyal following. By introducing your readers to the brand, you build customer loyalty over time, bringing in recurring income from product purchases and more affiliate commissions.

People will buy through your link because you played a massive part in helping them find the solution to the problem they were looking for.

Selling products through your affiliate link is just another way for brands to market their products and services.

Affiliate marketing will help you grow your blog and maximize your income. It has worked well for me, so I hope it works well for you too! 


If you’re looking for courses or other materials on affiliate marketing, I recommend checking out this article from MakingSenseOfCents.com. If goes in depth about affiliate marketing from a 6-figure blogger’s perspective.

This post teaches you all about affiliate marketing for bloggers.