If you are a college student, then you know school can be pretty demanding. But what do you do in between classes?

You have to juggle classes with homework and projects. Not to mention your social life which is so important in your college years.

We all need a break from time to time, but sometimes it’s challenging to find the time!

Not today, though – we’re sharing 14 activities perfect for any college student looking for things they can do in between class periods or just when they have some spare time on their hands.


Study in the Library

What to do between classes library

The library is a great place to do work between class periods. Its many resources can help you with any assignment or project!

There, you will find many books on pretty much every topic imaginable. Whether you need information about ancient Rome or how to solve differential equations, there’s something for you there. The library gives you some peace and quiet while you do your work.

Take a walk around campus to clear your head.

Taking a break from studying and going for a quick stroll can give you a chance to clear you mind of any stress or negative thinking you may be doing.

Walking is also good exercise, keeping you healthy both physically and mentally is double plus.

Hang out with friends | What To Do Between Classes

If you are busy, it can be hard to find time for your social life! College is the perfect time to make memories and spend quality time with people who matter most in your life. Don’t let homework get in the way of that ALL THE TIME!

Take some time off from work or studying and hang out with friends to keep your sanity and give yourself some downtime.

Keep up with current events by listening to the news or reading a newspaper.

The world is constantly changing, and college students need to stay informed! There’s no better place to start than by keeping up with current events. The news and newspapers are also great places for ideas for papers and organizations.

Read something you enjoy

What to do between classes reading

Don’t forget about the joys of reading! College is an excellent time to read books for leisure. Which means no more skimming over the boring parts or doing that last-minute cramming.

Reading is also a great way to unwind, take some time for yourself, and get lost in another world!

Clean up your dorm room and organize things

When it comes to cleaning up your dorm room, less really can be more! Don’t be that one person on the floor with a million things lying around.

Clean up your dorm room and organize by putting away books, clothes, decorations, or anything else you have lying around!

This simple task will keep things looking nice and neat while also teaching college students how to manage their time.

Catch a Movie | What to Do Between Classes

What to do between classes movie

Sometimes, all you need is some mindless entertainment! One of the easiest ways to get your mind stress is by catching up on recent movies that are coming out! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, though, always remember that Netflix exists.

There’s no excuse not to catch up on those shows YOU’VE been meaning to watch! You can even go with friends for an extra dose of fun.

Try a new restaurant.

College towns often have restaurants catering specifically toward college students because they know we don’t want anything too fancy (or expensive)!

There’s always something on the menu at these places that will suit your tastes. If you’re looking for a new place to try out, check out online reviews or ask other students where their favorite spots are! It’s ok if you don’t know what to order.

Experience The Natural Wonders Of Your Campus


While some people prefer to spend their free time studying, others prefer a more adventurous approach. If you’re the latter, experience your campus location by exploring its natural areas! You can take walks outside or go on hikes to relax and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

Many spots around any college town offer picturesque views, which will be sure to delight even the most stressed-out student!

Visit Your Professors Office Hours

If you want to make sure your professor knows who you are (and vice versa), you should try to say at least hi before the semester’s over.

You never know when something might happen which could affect your grade or progress in the class, so it’s good to stay on top of things like this!

Plus, there may be other opportunities for help available outside of class time as well – such as getting feedback on assignments or picking up where we left off last week’s discussion.

Take a Nap | What to Do Between Classes


Even though college students tend to stay up late, we still need time to recharge! Taking a nap in the middle of the day is one way that you can do this.

Studies show that a part of your brain becomes more active as you sleep, and another one shuts off. The area corresponding to wakefulness increases throughout the day while non-sleep patterns decline over time, so it’s important what happens during naptime and how much rest we get every night if our mood is going to stay upbeat!

Take an Online Course

If you didn’t feel like taking all five courses required for your degree back at home high school, perhaps take one or two online while attending college?

You might enjoy them more if they’re only part-time rather than full-time since there are no requirements on how many hours per week must go into each course.

Furthermore, some classes don’t even require any time on campus, which is excellent for busy students!

Internship or Co-op (offered during the school year)

Many colleges offer co-ops and internships to their students to get real-world experience in different career fields. If this sounds like something you want to do while still in college rather than after graduation, look into what might be available at your institution.

Even if there isn’t anything offered right now, that’s perfect for you. It doesn’t hurt to keep checking back every once in a while because companies may start looking for candidates later on down the road!

It can also help increase your chances of getting hired somewhere by having more work samples from other places to your resume via an internship or co-op.

Study | What to Do Between Classes

What to do between classes study

Last but certainly not least, this list wouldn’t be complete without studying! You may feel like you’re constantly being bombarded with school work and assignments that need to be done ASAP.

That’s why it can sometimes seem impossible to find time for yourself during the day – let alone some fun activities in between classes. However, remember that working hard is always worth it in the end.

If there’s a final exam or assignment due soon, make sure you get started on those as early as possible, so they don’t stress out college students even more than necessary!

Surely these ideas will help any busy student have more free time outside of just going from class to class during the week.

College is a time in life where you’re constantly on the go. Between classes, extracurriculars, and internships, it can be challenging to find free time for yourself.

The activities we have provided will help any college student get their much-needed break from the stress of being a busy college student.