This post is all about the best White Elephant gifts.

Are you looking for the perfect white elephant gifts? I’ve got you covered sis.

I’ve been searching everywhere to find the best white elephants gifts for your friends, family, or coworkers.

Honestly, I had never heard of the term “White Elephant” until I started working in an office. 

Where I’m from we call this game Dirty Santa. So if you’re looking for Dirty Santa gifts this is also the post for you!  

If you watch the hit sitcom ‘The Office’ then you’ve seen the secret Santa episode when Michael Scott made his own variation of the rules!

If you haven’t seen it then watch it before you play this game! It’s hilarious! 

How to Play White Elephant Gift Exchange

According to the official white elephant rules the game is played as follows:

  • Each player brings a wrapped gift to place in the gift pile
  • Everyone draws a number to see what order they will select a gift 
  • Player 1 will select a gift and open it. Everyone has to see what they picked.
  • The next player can either pick an wrapped gift or steal the gift the previous person has already unwrapped. (See official rules on how many times a gift can be swapped.)
  • The cycle continues throughout the whole list of players.

There are many variations of this game but that’s the gist of it.

White elephant gifts are the funniest to shop for because you can literally pick up anything funny and make it a gag gift or get the gift everyone keeps trying to steal. 

I’ve found the following gifts to make your gift the one everyone wants to keep.

Here is a list of some the cutest and funniest White Elephant gifts on Amazon for less than 20$ a piece.

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Best White Elephant Gifts

1. 30 Minute Sand Clock

2. What Would Beyoncé Do Sign

3. Ring for Coffee Bell

4. Hot Santa Bod

5. Table Dust Vaccum Cleaner

6. Tequila Shot Glasses

7. I Call Bullsh*t Button

8. Shots Tic-Tac-Toe

9. Wine Condoms

10. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

11. Wise Woman Words Tumbler

12. Handicap Parking Cards

13. Bob Ross Bobble Head

14. Smart A** Mints

15. Desk Dart Board

16. Infinity Cube for Stress Relief

17. Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

18. Bean Boozled Game

This post showed you the best White Elephant gifts for your holiday party.